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Troy Korjuslommi

Brief Personal History:

Local Links

  1. Troy's Kotoistus pages
  2. Japanese related libraries in Finland (info in Finnish and Japanese only).
  3. Lingo Bingo Conversation Event.
  4. Article on securing your computer.


  1. Translator certification, the Finnish National Board of Education.
  2. SKTL, The Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters
  3. SFS standard 5966
  4. The CLDR project is part of the Unicode Consortium, and I've participated in it as a member of the Kotoistus project, which is a liaison member of the Unicode Consortium. Its purpose is to deliver localization information to the various operating systems and libraries, including Linux and Windows. It is also a highly useful database for anyone developing i18n software.
  5. Finnish Unix User Group Foundation (FUUG Foundation)
  6. Porvoo Linux User Group (PLUG)
  7. The ICU (International Components for Unicode) library is available for C/C++ and Java, and has many facilities needed for working with Unicode. It uses CLDR for its data. I recommend it strongly.
  8. CEN/MEEK project information
  9. ISO IEC JTC1/SC22/WG21 - The C++ Standards Committee
  10. Finnish-Japanese Society


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